LGBT Youth

A network of fundraising events to support the gay and lesbian leaders of tomorrow–the youth.

The Czarina’s Court wish to help and give to young people everywhere who are bashed, pushed aside, taunted because they are different and their talents and gifts going unnoticed in a prejudiced and self centered world. They will be heard by our Court and they will shine!

What riches and wonderful gifts many of these young people have to entertain and enlighten the planet! The next Meryl Streep, the next Stephan King, the next Madonna or Lady Gaga, a kid herself that came from privilege and is even now paying forward as one of our icons, may be hiding under one of these undiscovered and unnoticed youth that their peer group calls a “misfit”.

We of the court are theatre people who know how to put on a show. We will use our Court events not only as fundraisers for the support of our youth, but we will even showcase these young people when possible, a series of “dress rehearsals,” working with and inspired by theatrical professionals until they can fly on their own.

“Our most pivotal and influential resource for LGBT youth is our public and private educational systems.”

Acceptance of diversity starts in the mindsets of our youth, the leaders of tomorrow, and their education will define and shape the future.

Our Kingdom member appearances and events themselves already promote awareness, planting seeds from which education and acceptance can flourishes.

Emerald Kingdom spotlights our fund-raising to youth charities actively contributing to diversity and acceptance in youth education.

“Gay youth around the world are struggling with personal and social obstacles which need not exist. We are living in times when diversity is plentiful but acceptance–let alone encouragement and support–is very sparse.”

Rescuing includes fund-raising for charities that provide care for homeless teens, organizations that help protect youth from the hate non-acceptance generates, and rescuing them from the self-destruction that unacceptable often evokes.

Emerald Kingdom’s heart is in salvaging LGBT young people and protecting them and their futures.

“Supporting LGBTQ youth and helping to shape the very foundations that generations of tomorrow will stand on is what we are all about.”

Emerald Kingdom supports worldwide charity youth efforts as well as the individual talents of our local youth.

There are many talented young people whose dreams encompass the performing arts, literature, music and more, so many young people are often never given a chance to develop these gifts. We both support and create opportunities for gay youth.

Our shows and presentation often include the assistance of many celebrities and successful people in the performing arts who donate their time and skills where young people are encouraged to participate alongside them from technical aspects behind the curtain to stage performance.

Because we are a performance youth charity for youth charities, Emerald Kingdom is unique and diverse in the advantages our organization creates, just as we are strong in our entertainment connections and influences.

The Elderly

At the other end of life in the Gay community are the elderly. Often alone, feeling that the parade has passed them by, many are on fixed incomes and cannot participate in Court events, many are past Monarchs who still have much to offer in experience, knowledge and skills. Like Bette Midler one of our original Diva’s sings” When you walk past a pair of ancient eyes, say “hello in there, hello”

We will not only say “hello” we will say “welcome, can we help you? Will you help us? You are wanted, needed and respected for your journey!”

The elderly will never be charged admission or other fees for any Court Function held by The Czarina’s Court. We will also hold events to help the elderly, the shut ins and the lonely who have lost lovers, family and most of their friends. We are there for you–a vast circle of friends worldwide.

The youth that are protected, healed and encouraged by: