Our Court

Our Court

We of the Czarina’s Court are rich with friends, successful professionals in the performing arts and business men and woman who feel compelled to “pay it forward”. It is with these resources and vision that we are focused on providing the funding and opportunities, education and showcasing for our great Stars, artists, writers and musicians of tomorrow. For it is through THESE mediums alone that peace and love in a world of turmoil and confusion can flourish.

It is through these “care givers” of tomorrow that the planet will be left a legacy of the human condition at it’s finest–generation after generation. As you wander The Kingdom you will meet many incredible people. Masters and Mistresses of The Cloak of many colors.

You will experience the magic of theatre and sight and sound and will make new friends. In doing so, your own life will change.

The Czarina has many cloaks and has a network of beautiful friends all over the world. We welcome you to join this wide spread family and embark on a journey you will never forget.You have been blessed with many talents to share within our focus, talents you may not think you have.