Court History

Court History

Emerald Kingdom History

We of the Czarina’s Court are rich with friends, successful professionals in the performing arts and business men and woman who feel compelled to “pay it forward”.

It is with these resources and vision that we are focused on providing the funding and opportunities, education and showcasing for our great Stars, artists, writers and musicians of tomorrow.

For it is through THESE mediums alone that peace and love in a world of turmoil and confusion can flourish. It is through these “care givers” of tomorrow that the planet will be left a legacy of the human condition at it’s finest–generation after generation.

As you wander the Kingdom you will meet many incredible people; Masters and Mistresses of The Cloak of many colors. You will experience the magic of theatre and sight and sound and will make new friends. In doing so, your own life will change.

The Czarina has many cloaks and has a network of beautiful friends all over the world. We welcome you to join this wide spread family and embark on a journey you will never forget.

You have been blessed with many talents to share within our focus, talents you may not think you have.

The Great Doors are open now, walk in!

During the 38th Reign of The Long Beach Court Liz Loren and Drue were elevated to Imperial Crown Prince and Princess. This was a hard time for Liz Loren due to intense tumor surgeries and health issue exacerbated by her constant travels around the world for her companies and their subsidiaries. On the weekend before the surgery, Liz was on stage at Empress Regina’s step down-out-of-town-show singing “I’m Still Here” all the while knowing such a complicated surgery may be fatal or crippling.

Pride Parade Long Beach 2008 Drue Liz
Early appearance, Drue and Liz rode in a convertible in the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade 2008 along with their Long Beach Imperial Court friends.

But she and Prince Drue carried on, appearing on behalf of the court where and when they could, always “the Fairy Tale Couple”, gracious and generous and supportive of young gay and elderly people searching for their own place in the sun and a chance for a dream to come true.

The “Fairy Tale Couple nick name came from the kids at Portland’s Escape Club (18 and over) when Liz and Drue appeared there for the first time after a Portland Coronation. Both of them were touched by these young and hopeful future courtiers who gathered around them saying ‘we want to be like you when we grow up!” The Czarina’s Court believes that the gay youth of today are the future of tomorrow and that prejudice, parental misunderstanding, peer group pressure and bashing can be abolished if the spot lights shine bright enough on these kids—empowering them with confidence and strength to step out of the shadows without fear.

Organizations like The Matthew Shepherd Foundation and The Trevor Foundation and the Harvey Milk Foundation are already on the fund raising agenda.

There well also be fund raising for the elderly gays who are alone, feel life has passed them by, yet still have much to offer the community. NO Monarch or Titled Courtier over age 65 will ever be charged a fee or suggested donation to any of the Czarina’s events or fund raisers. Liz has personally known many elderly who have given years of service to their courts, yet cannot attend coronations etc. because they are on fixed incomes. The Emperor and Czarina would also like to add Wizards; Sorceress’s and court jesters to their retinue along with the Official Jeweler, The Honorary Baron Sam Barceló and Couturier, Lord Fedor.

Imperial Court advisers to The House of Romanov were: Empress 12 of Los Angeles, Lonnie; Empress 34 of Long Beach, Harmony Lynne Rockafeller; and Empress 35 Nikki Coldwater of Long Beach.

Her Majesty Elizabeth (Liz) Loren Maria Romanov was crowned Czarina of Imperial County by The Queen Mother Nicole Murray Ramirez on January 23rd, 2010 at The San Diego Coronation.

Empress XII Lonnie of Los Angeles was appointed advisor to the Emerald Kingdom and immediately the Organization applied for and received its Non-Profit status.

The Imperial Court of Los Angeles subsequently granted a Charter to the Emerald Kingdom, who operates as a Non-Profit Organization and walks under the Umbrella of the Imperial Court of Los Angeles Hollywood.

In an official Imperial Court announcement released Monday, May 10, 2010 at 6:07 PM:

May 6, 2010

“The Mother Court of Southern California”

Let it be known from this day forward that The Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood Board of Directors and Privy Council, by unanimous vote, have amended the Charter granted to Czarina Liz and the Emerald Kingdom of Imperial County from granting the City of Palm Springs, to now grant the County of Riverside to the Emerald Kingdom and the Czarina’s Court.

Empress Karina
President, Board of Directors
Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood

The Title of Czarina was conferred upon Liz Loren because of her many friends, supporters and affiliates in the Imperial County. The Czarina title and The House Of Romanov is created as an adjudicative support to the Imperial Court System.

Liz Loren, rather like Ozma of Oz in the immortal Frank L. Baum Oz books, envisions her court as an Emerald Kingdom with open arms and open doors ready to assist any and all Monarchs in putting together fund raisers and events, as well as venues throughout Imperial County and its neighboring courts, including the “free zone” area of Palm Springs with its many attractions, gay resorts and businesses. Always striving for quality, not quantity.

The “Loren” name came about from actor and talk show host Ron Russell, who having been in a film with Sophia Loren pointed out the uncanny resemblance Liz had to the ageless star. Liz had met Sophia Loren briefly once in London and was struck by the glamour and beauty of a woman way past 60 and her regal kindness and style. She has been paying tribute ever since.

The Queen Of The Desert was then taken under the glittering wings of Empress Felicia Halston, Empress Nikki Coldwater and Empress Jaylene Tyme of Canada-all of whom must have seen something in Liz that could support and benefit the Imperial Court System for she was asked to sit the dais, do commands and organize major fund-raisers, mainly for the Long Beach Court. Empress Jacqueline Evangelista also commanded a performance from Liz and her significant other the handsome and talented Prince Drue at her Coronation and Empress Nikki’s step down.

During these years the annual and highly successful fund-raiser “Harmony’s Halloween Haunt” was born. The Lady Ajax of San Diego was a major player as well at these events with her boundless energy, show business savvy and the ability to be that rare thing in life—a true friend!

The “Liz Loren” persona was created 7 year ago when a 60 year old International scientist was invited to attend a ‘Hollywood Costume Ball” in Venice Italy. He decided to appear as Elizabeth Taylor at this fête—seeking help from friends and clients at Hollywood Studios’ in regard to body, make up and wigs. The well known Ukraine designer FEDOR, a client at his Beverly Hills Surgery Centre and clinic, designed the “Liz Taylor” gown. This “first time impersonation” at an age when most people are retiring from “ show business” was a success—and no one was more surprised than the scientist.

This was brought to the attention of then reigning Empress of the Imperial Long Beach Court, Harmony Lynne Rockafelller who urged “Liz” to become part of the very Court that Liz supported back in the early 1960’s when Empress One Leslie, Dorothy Big Mouth and others started the Imperial Long Beach Court. At that time the scientist was only a young man with a clinic in New Port Beach California and helped “create” drag make up, wigs and gowns for the members—never appearing in face himself. He was then making wigs for drag divas like Charles Pierce and the famous trans-gender star Angel and pulled these resources into the Court.

After disappearing from the scene and traveling the world building his company, he decided to try Harmony Rockefeller’s suggestion and was invested with the title “Liz Loren, Queen of The Desert” due to the fact his home in Palm Springs hosted many of the members of The Imperial Court family. Harmony then presented her new Monarch too many Courts around the Nation. Since the creation of the Kingdom, under the leadership of Emperor Drue and Czarina Liz Loren the organization has raised monies for several causes, with their main focus on the Harvey Milk Foundation, of which the Czarina is an official International Ambassador. She has represented the Organization as it’s figurehead, attending Coronations, Charity Events with such notaries as Maria Shriver and works on promoting youth and new talents into the LGBT Community.

Czar Drue and Czarina Liz Loren also promote and support ongoing Community Fundraising in Palm Springs, California, including the Palm Springs Pride Festival, The Palm Springs Harvey Milk Breakfast and ongoing events for the Desert Aids Project.

February 28, 2010


To all Empires and Kingdoms within the International Court System, let it be known from this day forward that a Charter for the territory known as Palm Springs has been granted to the Court of the Czarina of Palm Springs with all rights and privileges thereof by the Imperial Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood, the Mother Court of Southern California.

The Charter gives Czarina Elizabeth (Liz) Loren Maria Romanov the right to form her Empire as a Principality. The Court of the Czarina of Palm Springs may walk as an entity as an empire before the Imperial Court of Los Angeles under the Principality.It is an honor for the Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood to grant the first Charter to a new empire in Southern California in over 30 years.

We feel it promotes growth and benefits a territory within our realm in which Los Angeles has been unable to fully utilize.Please welcome to your Empires Czarina Elizabeth (Liz) Loren Maria Romanov as the Czarina of Palm Springs, with all rights and privileges entitled to her.

Respectfully,Empress Karina
President of the Board of Directors
Of the Imperial Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood
The Mother Court of Southern California

The Czarina’s Royal Courtiers were also presented at the crowning ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance as befitting the Queen Mother’s position in Imperial Court of The Americas. The event was filmed by The Ron Russell Show, and lent a true “red carpet” ambience to the Coronation.

Her Majesty Elizabeth (Liz) Loren Maria Romanov was crowned Czarina of Imperial County by The Queen Mother Nicole Murray Ramirez on January 23rd, 2010 at The San Diego Coronation.